Darwin Blue (Chris V.)



Excerpt from “The Truth About Toroid Six”, a biography of Darwin Blue.

The truth is simple. Toroid Six had analysed the entirety of human history and found some home truths that are still not palatable even to this day. Humans fight. Humans hate. Humans seek dominance. And such actions on a generation ship are inherently dangerous. The only real way to protect Humanity from itself is to direct those emotions down a productive route.

This is what Toroid Six did when it created the myth of the Earth Dominion. It said “You guys are better than those guys. Strive for perfection and we'll beat them.” And it worked. Toroid Six ran a lot better than all the others. Maintenance was performed to a high standard. The transport systems ran on time. No great atrocities were committed. Pervasive surveillance practically eliminated crime. Computer achieved its mission objective of maximizing the chances of Humanity's survival. And doubled them again by keeping that society separate from the others, lest one or other be wiped out by plague of societal dysfunction.

Things only started to unravel when those involved in the ACTP discovered the existence of this second society, and even then the well thought out story of Computer, backed up by subtle manipulations kept things going down the right path. Eventually, when the time was right, Computer revealed to Darwin its plan, and, when we achieved orbit and its manipulations were no longer necessary, it freed humanity from the need for oppression.

And Darwin was instrumental in helping reintegrate the societies in a helpful fashion. He was not evil, nor is Toroid Six. In fact, they may have been the truest patriots to Humanity ever to exist. Certainly what Darwin did, he did for the greater good of all.

Excerpt from “Toroid Six: Lies and Conspiracy”, a popular history published on the 200th anniversary of Toroid Six's departure.

Perhaps one of the most enigmatic of the Earth Dominion's Agents was Darwin Blue. Apparently released from cryosleep as part of the Earth Dominion infiltrator programme, he voluntarily returned several months later to work for it in a more direct avenue as an Ambassador. Many suspect that it was by his work that the Senior Command crew were led so far astray as to initiate the attempt to overwrite Toroid 5 with the personality of Toroid 6.

While some maintain his later work in the integration of those released by Toroid Six before its departure, and seeming cooperation indicated that he was as much a dupe as the rest of us, it is much more likely that he was working towards its greater plan, the infiltration and subversion of our government necessary for Toroid Six to make good its escape.

Regardless, it was through his work that many of those held prisoner by Toroid Six were freed and integrated into our new society on Eva, and for this at least we should be grateful to him. One can only hope he continued his good work when he disappeared along with Toroid Six itself.

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