Captain Lyla Red (Elynor K.) [DECEASED]



Excerpt from “Captains of the Asimov: Behind the Title” by Mira Salamaris

Captain Lyla Red is famous for one of the shortest captaincies in the ship's history, lasting well under a year. Nevertheless, she successfully led the ship through a number of major crises. However, her “direct” method of removing threats to the ship eventually caught up to her when she was convicted for the murder of BFF Morning Rainbow the First.

While the crime did not carry a sentence of mandatory recycling, and her spirited defence on the basis of the greater good was very strong, the unfortunate cries for blood over the martyrdom of the first BFF had to be satisfied for the same reason. An unfortunate triumph of the mob over true justice sadly typical of those dark days of our history.

Some historical researchers conjecture from her medical records that she may have been under the long term influence of mind altering drugs. Repeated incidents involving an imaginary friend “Carla” and involvement in the deaths of several underground figures (including multiple holders of the “Duke Chaos” title) suggest that maybe not all was well with the good Captain.

However, I like to believe that Captain Lyla should be remembered for her stalwart leadership in those incredibly dangerous times. Her leadership saw the Asimov successfully navigate through the Inversion, avoid rioting when a split of the ship was proposed, and her work in preventing criminal elements from wreaking havoc outside of Blackout was unparalleled.

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