Mordecai White (Joe W.) [DECEASED]


Dr Mordecai White is an End-of-Life therapist working for the department of Biological Reprocessing. A middle-aged widower himself, his door is always open to those suffering mortality concerns. He is also a well known member of the Keepers of Time and a vehement critic of the Stanford Theorists.


Mordecai White, brief paramour of Captain Lyla Red and head of the Department of Recycling, is said to have been largely responsible for the events generally referred to as ‘the Overwrite’, as well as the murders of Morning Rainbow, Hades Black and an unconfirmed connection to the death of Templar Smith. As the head of Recycling he can also be considered partially responsible for the many deaths laid at the door of unrepentant serial murderer Piers Red.

However it seems he is also responsible for saving the lives of several individuals destined for premature recycling, including Xanto, the man who killed 200 in a tragic accident in White Sector, and mad bomber Roger Billington, providing them with new faces and lives elsewhere on the ship. His motives for this must forever remain unknown. However it is clear that he was no simple murderer, and his daughter, Constance, spoke of a devoted father, weeping with heartfelt sorrow at his recycling ceremony.

Extract from the Ledger, the Cosa Nostra archive:

Mordecai White: membership entered 26–; on Commission 2649-2650.

Notes from Nicola Viteri: Mordecai always had the interests of the Asimov close to his heart. His tireless work after his wife died is testament to this. Mordecai was a man who saw inefficiencies and acted to fix them. In his life, he was committed to many things, including our organisation, Health, Recycling, the Keepers of Time and of course his own family. Many people saw him as ambitious, but he never did anything solely to further his own ends. It is unfortunate that his guarded manner led to him taking the fall for the Overwrite, but he faced his own death with the aplomb we had grown to admire.

Interview with Allie Viteri, published posthumously:

“Mordecai? Oh, well, he started out at the bottom just like we all do, but nobody really expected him to stay there. Doesn’t help that the man he was assigned under, Adagio, well he was a bit of a wuss really. So after he and Markus lead, what, 3 or 4 attacks on the Foundry astray, giving us nice warnings, and then he ‘persuades’ the Head of Recycling to step down, well, we couldn’t really deny him that position on the Commission. He’d earned it, after all, and he did keep earning it. Very pro-active gentleman, Mordecai, very efficient – a pleasure to work with, I have to say. And then seducing the Captain – balls of steel. Especially with his daughter a Marshal. But then, that’s the kind of thing we grew to expect from him.

Toroid 5? No, that was nothing to do with us. He had plenty of agendas of his own. We were all disappointed when he was executed; he could charm his way out of a Blackout pit that one, but there’s always a limit. A loss, definitely, and not just to the CN. Though he would have ended up trying to displace Aunt Nicola if we’d given him half a chance, so maybe it’s for the best.”

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