Piers Red (James R.)



Extract from ‘Heroes of the Flip: an Examination’

Piers Red is perhaps best known for his fierce opposition to the legislation permitting the over-65s to continue to serve the Asimov, a vicious debate which raged for many years before finally being ratified. History makes it clear he was a man committed to his job, an enthusiastic and joyous worker in a no-doubt unpleasant job.

Fans of historical entertainment may also recognise the name as the only person to have a leading role in Samurai Vikings of the Twenty First Century for more than two seasons, becoming a staple sight on the increasingly surreal show for a full six seasons before the actor’s unexpected death in a battle in Blackout with rogue recycler Pine Green, who apparently refused to accept the new ruling legalising the over-65. This led to his character swiftly encountering a messy end, which shocked fans of the show who had grown to believe that his was the only character who would remain consistent between seasons. The Head of Recycling spoke tearfully at his funeral, commenting that he had lost one of his most dedicated workers, gone to the vats to which he had fed so very many individuals.

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