Autumn Green (Pete S.)



Autumn Green is possibly best known as the NGF star who scored the crucial goals in Harmony's first ever NGF final victory. While not as famed as The Crusher, he was still a celebrated NGF star for many years.

He is also remembered for his tireless work as a Marshal, constantly pushing himself to make the ship a safer place for its inhabitants. In the years after Wheatley 'The Crusher' Red took over as Head of Harmony, Autumn established himself as Crusher's right-hand man, effectively acting as Wheatley's field agent while Wheatley himself was confined behind his desk.

His biggest case came shortly after the 'Overwrite' incident, when he successfully oversaw a multi-department investigation that brought kidnapper, resource hoarder and multiple murderer, Wilkins White, to justice (rescuing his own sister, Dusk, in the process). Autumn coordinated with Marshals, Engineering computer experts (headed by Birch Green) and elements of Blackout to gather the required evidence and prevent Wilkins from extending his reach. Though, sadly, not before Dusk was held in his clutches for some time; she carried the physical and mental scars of her kidnapping to her last day.

Upon Planetfall Autumn retired from Harmony and settled down with his longtime partner, Birch (the same Birch who had been integral in the case against Wilkins White), and was regarded fondly as one of the leaders of his settlement.

Both during his career and after his retirement various rumours abounded about Autumn's personal life. His working pattern was often hectic and sporadic, as he would sometimes disappear for days at at time. There are many second and third-hand reports from people who were saved from robbers, muggers or other criminals (who Autumn is believed to have referred to as 'Lurks') by a shadowy figure matching Autumn's description. Indeed, a book was released after his death suggesting he was one of the various masked vigilantes who occasionally popped up in Blackout, but such rumours remain unconfirmed.

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